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Internship Information

We are an independent, team-oriented public relations, social media, marketing and brand management company servicing the music industry and select corporate clients. Services include project management, client/artist material preparation, promotional material creation (CD packaging/Lyric Videos/Banner and Poster Graphic Designs), single/CD release campaigns, tour press and social media campaigns.

We are seeking a young professional with a “roll-up-your-sleeves," can-do attitude to assist our staff in media research, graphic design, coordination of artist schedules for special events, database maintenance, telephone solicitation to solicit and secure music reviews, playlist additions, tour press interviews and/or entertainment listings, and the creation of promotional materials, social media posts (including graphics and video vignettes to accommodate stories and feeds), client media books and reports.

Our interns an integral part of our team. Candidate must be a self-starter who is computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Adobe Premiere, Canva and Photoshop experience is a BIG plus. The intern MUST be comfortable speaking on the telephone pitching clients to media professionals.

To apply for this internship, please submit your resume, with cover letter and writing/design samples to Please include class schedule, availability and amount of hours desired. Only applicants who submit the above as requirements will be considered.

Intern Feedback

“Thank you to my capstone site supervisor for trusting me and giving me the confidence to be an instrumental part of the team. Being able to help foster real, tangible progress on these important projects was extremely rewarding.”

“I would like to thank my supervisor for seeking out learning opportunities for me - whether she asked me what skills I’d like to work on or gave me a completely new project, I felt guided and supported throughout my internship. It was clear my supervisor cared about my learning experience.” 

“When I started this semester, I had a lot to learn about even the basics of my site’s field. Throughout the semester, my supervisors answered my many questions and gave me critical examples and feedback. I also appreciated the independence they let us have, which required me to figure out a lot of skills for myself. I grew so much in our field and really enjoyed the projects I had the opportunity to work on. Thank you for all of your support and guidance!”


“Thank you to my capstone site team of brilliant leaders. It has been an honor to work alongside and receive mentorship from such accomplished professionals each day. I have been inspired to think critically, advocate for myself in a professional manner, and always go the extra mile.”


“I was so excited to start my Capstone semester and my site and supervisor did not let me down. She was flexible, positive, and so supportive of my own personal growth. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked for such an ethics-driven company under a manager who truly wanted the best for me, all while learning more about the industry that I want to work for full-time.”


“Thank you to my supervisor for valuing my opinions and fostering my knowledge throughout the internship experience. I appreciate how I was always surrounded by encouragement and new learning opportunities, constantly pushing me to grow and improve.”


“I want to thank my capstone site supervisors for placing their trust in me and allowing me to contribute to meaningful work far beyond my expectations. Their consistent support strengthened my confidence and creativity, guiding me to tackle challenges with resilience and adaptability – skills that will undoubtedly benefit me in all future endeavors.” 


“I'm immensely grateful for the transformative experience my capstone provided, offering me the space to pursue my passions and develop both personally and professionally. This experience has left me with newfound confidence and a profound sense of self-assurance, shaping my outlook on future endeavors.”


"Throughout my internship at Music City Media, I was continually presented with diverse learning opportunities that significantly enhanced both my skills and my understanding of the industry. Kat, the team leader, took an active role in my development, frequently integrating constructive feedback into our daily interactions. This intentional focus on educational growth allowed me to not only succeed in my projects but also build a strong foundation for my long-term career. I am deeply appreciative of the dedication and support provided by the entire team, making my experience both valuable and unforgettable."

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