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About Us


Keeping the pace with the ever-changing landscape of the music and entertainment industry, our creative, professional team lends expertise in marketing, communications, news/artists/career development and management, branding, public relations, social media campaigns, event coordination and production. Setting itself apart from many larger PR firms, Music City Media is a specialty boutique that prides itself on communication, organization, methodology, presentation and professionalism. Music City Media has been referred to as "the best-kept secret" in that it is not our objective to tout our successes, but rather the successes of those we represent. Accomplishments, large and small, are a celebrated success in each and every campaign. We take our contributions to our client's objectives (and an artist/celebrity career) seriously and work with passion. We maintain a small roster of clients in order to work in concentration, affording each and every account personal attention and care.

Our distinction is our hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves team environment, passion, and motivation to capitalize on the trends to create a brand. Our firm has played a significant role in launching and sustaining careers and has created/developed opportunities for its clients across a wide spectrum of the entertainment sector. All team members are actively involved in every project—lending the value of independent talents to each and every client/project, resulting in collaborative, comprehensive work product and efficacious results. 

Professionalism, presentation, organization, leadership, commitment, communication and relationships have been the key elements to Music City Media’s success in the public relations and marketing arena.  Artist/project success is a Music City Media success story.



As PR consultants and project managers in the music and entertainment industry, Music City Media provides all-encompassing, tailor-made services and/or à la carte artist services.


An artist’s craft and brand are as equally important as the music they make. The Music City Media team lends assistance to raw talent to build a professional career. We open the door to new relationships in the songwriting community and within the music industry to enable indie artists to establish a foothold in honing their craft. Garnering a clear understanding of how an artist creates, and wishes to be perceived, allows our goals to work in tandem to build a brand that embraces their vision and is translated as a signature across the board (from a digital and industry presence) as an appropriate introduction to the music.


In the ever-changing digital environment, social media platforms and corresponding opportunities grow rapidly. The Music City Media team works collectively to keep pace with the latest trends, platforms, engagement strategies and digital events.  With the objective to position our clients at the forefront of newsfeeds and attracting their audience, we create and design intricate, eye-catching and informative graphics, websites, lyric videos, video production and more.


The key to growth is engaging an audience and converting them to lifetime fans. We work alongside the artist to welcome and encourage return visitors by creating continued conversations, "content that matters" and "must see" content that establishes a presence across all digital platforms. We have around-the-clock access to in-depth analytics to guide our clients in sharing the right content, at the right time, to connect with a hungry audience.



“As someone who has worked with PR firms in both Los Angeles and New York, it is rare to find a PR firm with not only passion, but also a real understanding of the changes in today’s media world.  Music City Media was able to present my client with a diverse plan that highlighted our goals and developed a strategy to implement them. I was continually impressed with their ability to deliver as promised and they helped us maneuver as the situation dictated.  Their entire team is extremely helpful and they are professionals; I was never concerned about them getting the job done and getting it done right. .”

— Scott Welch, President / Scott Welch Management Inc.

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