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As someone who has worked with PR firms in both Los Angeles and New York, it is rare to find a PR firm with not only passion, but also a real understanding of the changes in today’s media world.  Music City Media was able to present my client with a diverse plan that highlighted our goals and developed a strategy to implement them. I was continually impressed with their ability to deliver as promised and they helped us maneuver as the situation dictated.  Their entire team is extremely helpful and they are professionals; I was never concerned about them getting the job done and getting it done right.  Scott Welch, President / Scott Welch Management Inc.

"Kat Atwood is absolutely brilliant, with a capital 'B!'  Under her leadership at Music City Media, her team has aligned our Progressive American Soul Artist, Harrison B to ascend and shine more brightly!"  Robin Majors/Robin Majors Management & Tour Manager (1987)

"In looking for the right PR representative, you need to find someone that's not just 'putting it out there,' but a team that actually 'gets you' (and your project) to put it out there.  I found Music City Media to be the right team for my record, MADE IN BROOKLYN. They came up with more  than I imagined and worked hard.  MADE IN BROOKLYN earned the best reviews that I have received in 20 years.  It's great when a 'labor of love' is  loved by others and the Music City Media staffers shared their passion and extended their labor to pull out the stops to spread the love.  Aggressive, yet friendly professionals...they get results."  John McEuen (Founding Member Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

For the past 37 years, I have been involved in all facets of the entertainment business and have always valued personal management and public relations at a premium. Having worked with Kat Atwood and her team at Music City Media on my recent solo project, I could not recommend anyone higher. Her professionalism, work ethic, contacts and ability to expose my music to so many avenues in Nashville and across the country via one-on-one interviews, television and radio interviews--and especially at the CMA Festival--was amazing. I hold Kat and her company in the highest regard and would certainly work with her again at any time in the future. They do a fantastic job! Russell Hitchcock, lead singer, Air Supply 

I have worked with many big-named professional entertainment and publicity firms throughout my long career from Los Angeles through NYC, to London and Rome, and all over Europe and South America. Kat Atwood and Music City Media ranks up there with the very best of them. Kat is brilliant and personable, and she and her team are professionals. What is most impressive is that she and her associates dig deep, cover all the bases, and seem to not only get everything done that's required but then go the extra mile for good measure! She has done so much for me in a relatively short period of time and I am constantly amazed at her perseverance and fortitude.  Music City Media leaves no stone unturned and the team is a pleasure to work with. It's nice to see a little sanity in this crazy business! Eddie Money

“Over the past thirty-plus years, I've had the opportunity to engage various public relations and communication firms to represent the music and television organizations I've managed and/or invested in, including the Los Angeles Cowan Group. We hired Kat Atwood and the Music City Media team to help get the word out about our COUNTRY-DIXIE music project--something never before attempted--and she and staff jumped in with more enthusiasm than I've seen in years. Kat did what she said she could do, within the time frame required, in a style that is rarely seen these days.  Although this was a music project, I would not hesitate to call on Kat and her staff again for some of our television and/or food and beverage projects.  We have worked with more than 3,000 restaurants around the world and I've dealt personally with each of their PR folks, and not many come close to what Kat Atwood and Music City media did for us.”John Shoup, Chairman / CEO GCI, Inc.Great Chefs Worldwide Media Leisure Music Group DUKES of Dixieland

It would be hard to find another team of people to work any harder than Music City Media works for their clients. Music City Media represents Lorrie Morgan with true professionalism and every task and initiative is handled in a timely manner with such care and efficiency.  I know…Music City Media goes beyond just getting the job done. Debbie Ballentine, Lorrie Morgan Entertainment

 Kat Atwood and the staff at Music City Media really care about their clients. Their attention to detail, in all of the promotional pieces we receive from their offices, proves that over and over. Kat is always the consummate professional while still being very down to earth and approachable; she is a joy to work with.Betty Hawkins, Star Photo

 Kat Atwood is one of the most respected leaders in this industry.  For years now, I’ve worked with her on various projects and know that I can always count on her for professionalism and follow through. It’s unfortunate in this business that it’s all about “hype”…absolutely not the case with Music City Media. Kat and her team deliver “as promised,” and then some. Many times, I’ve called on her for an artist interview, and that particular artist may temporarily be on hiatus or inactive on the MCM roster; instead of saying “sorry, I’m not working with them right now,” she reaches out to them offering opportunities for their career. Music City Media cares and it shows; that’s just one reason MCM clients keep coming back. She finds creative ways to promote and present her clients to media. It’s rare that a publicist will call media with creative ideas for their artists. But then again, Kat and her crew are more than publicists. Responsible, reliable, revered, inventive, and a joy to work with are just a few ways to describe Kat Atwood and Music City Media.                                       —Shannon McCombs/Radio and Television (Host/Producer/Writer) (

 Music City Media is a fine organization with roots steeped in hospitality like no other. Kat Atwood and her team in Nashville have opened up career opportunities for my music and art in ways partners previous failed. They are not financially motivated and often, with no guarantee of return, they graciously connect the dots for so many of their clients. I became aware of Music City Media by "word of mouth"—their reputation. (Isn't it refreshing when a modern publicity firm doesn't toot their own horn and just simply delivers great insight and results?) Music City Media is “good folks” with experience and integrity. In this industry, and in my business, trust is a must. I've put my career in their loving and capable hands because they're “people, people.”   Recording/Touring Artist, Eric Heatherly (

 "Music City Media has the hardest working, effective, compassionate and integrity filled people with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. I look forward to our continued personal and professional relationship with them." Michelle Poe (Hank Williams Jr./Burns & Poe)

 To anyone who is looking for a great publicity firm, your first and last call should be Music City Media.  Kat Atwood and her team never view their clients as merely as a “client.”  The passion, creativity and professionalism they bring to the effort always impresses. Saying “they go the extra mile” doesn't do justice to the effort they extend on their clients’ behalf.  You are never alone with your goals and dreams; you always have “vision” and a partner in Music City Media. Mike Kraski, President/Tenacity Records • Tenacity Management/Consulting

 As an independent, it’s more difficult to be seen and heard; my analytics and exposure really catapulted shortly after teaming with Music City Media. Kat and her staff are undoubtedly committed to the select projects they take on.  Music City Media’s professionalism, passion, availability and honesty separate them from the rest. Some company’s work ethic and determination require going over and above to get things done; MCM is a fine example of one of them and why I chose them from all of the competition out there. Recording/Touring Artist, Matt Kennon (

  It's always a pleasure to work with Kat Atwood and her team at Music City Media. As a country music journalist, I find that she handles her business with the utmost professionalism, while maintaining a warm and welcoming demeanor and accessibility conducive to working in our format. All inquiries and requests are handled promptly and pleasantly, and her enthusiasm for her work generates an excitement and passion from those who work with her. Tammy Ragusa, Ent Writer, Country Weekly