Our services

As PR consultants and managers in the entertainment industry Music City Media provides all-encompassing, tailor-made services and/or à la carte artist services:

  • Client/Artist Material Preparation [Artist Bios/Talking Points Sheets/Web Copy/Cut-x-Cut/Press Releases
  • Announcements/Media Alerts/E-cards/Banners are written/created in-house
  • Cohesive and effective branding strategies and implementation
  •  Brand activation directive
  • CD/Single release campaigns (covering national, regional and local press including print, online, radio and television)
  • Social media campaign strategies and execution
  • Press junkets
  • EPK, photo, video and ad copy direction
  • Special events (Showcases/No. 1 Parties/Fairs &Festivals/Industry Event Coordination and On-site Logistics)
  •  Event/concert tour press
  • Movie launches, press campaigns and red carpet event organization
  • Special promotions and corresponding promotional materials
  •  Media training and image consulting
  • Liaison in making introductions to potential “working relationships” (partnerships/endorsements/sponsorships)
  • Talent relations
  • Assist with new artist/celebrity launches (appearance opportunities, music video releases, etc.)
  • Number one parties, artist showcases, album release parties coordination
  • Promotion/fundraiser strategy development
  • Artist/client media relations and corresponding logistics


To appropriately align with the artist’s current stature, budget and/or objective, services are offered on a monthly retainer, project, à la carte or hourly basis.

Our Responsibility To Our Clients

Our responsibility is to create an image/brand for the client that is optimum, meets his/her overall objective and stands the test of time. Music City Media works with the clients from the ground up to fully understand overall marketing and imaging objectives to enable us to paint the perfect picture.  MCM acts as liaison and spokespersons for its clients (in personal and verbal communication as well as written) and as liaison, the team works closely with all the components that make up the entire team--from artist to booking agent, to management, the label, media, and advertising and sales reps. Attention to every detail surrounding its clients' initiative is primary.